IAEE Global Login

IAEE Global Login is designed to provide you with one username / password to use across all IAEE websites.

This is a one-time process.

In 4 STEPS you will be asked to add any existing IAEE accounts into one single, combined account.


IAEE provides many services through a variety of websites. To streamline different authentication services, IAEE is consolidating these into one single, combined service. What this means is that you have one single username and password providing access across all our websites* including:

  • IAEE.org
  • Energy Journal Referee Management System - available to referees only
  • Energy Journal Author Submissions - available to authors only

During the registration process you will create a new Global IAEE Username and Password to use in the future across all IAEE sites. The system will prompt you to enter any former usernames and passwords for the sites noted above. Please enter this information where it applies to you, otherwise please move to the next Step.